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Litedex Protocol Apply Metaverse Technology to Crypto Assets

| 27.12.21 |


INNOVATION Facebook, which launched the Metaverse concept, made technology developers begin to focus on the concept. This technology that presents 3D virtual reality has also dragged crypto asset developers into the metaverse ecosystem. Seeing this opportunity, Litedex Protocol is ready to become a medium as well as a facilitator for local and global traders, to take advantage of the presence of the Metaverse world. The technology carried by Mark Zuckerberg is considered to be the future technology in interacting. Litedex Protocol CEO Andrew Suhalim said the existence of the Metaverse world would provide a very big change for humans in interacting. "Especially in the midst of the current pandemic, conventional meetings have turned into online meetings, using zoom or google meet. That way, it is possible in the future, 10 to 15 years into the future, the concept of interacting between humans no longer has to be meet in the real world, where the digital world can already represent our existence and this is only a matter of time,” said Andrew in his statement. The presence of this metaverse world opens up opportunities for the crypto commodity industry to make crypto assets the main choice in transacting in the virtual world.

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