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Samsung Introduces a New Generation of Folding Cellphone Screen Prototype

| 24.12.21 |


Samsung has been known as a pioneer of folding cellphones with advanced technology. It is even reported that the South Korean manufacturer has ambitions to dominate the circulation of folding cellphones in the world by sending more than 10 million units per year. Apparently, this ambition is not just a figment. Recently, Samsung also introduced a folding cellphone prototype with the latest generation of screen technology.

Talking about the specifications of the latest Samsung cellphone prototype, it is indeed somewhat different from the previous generation. Especially in the design part of this prototype screen, it has adopted the OLED S-Foldable. This screen design is claimed to be able to be folded twice and at first glance it looks like the curve of the letter 'S'. The cool thing is, when stretched out, the diagonal screen has a size of 7.2 inches and can function as a tablet for activities. If the user wants to use it in smartphone mode, then the phone must be folded twice.

The screen prototype exhibited by Samsung also has a size of 17 inches with foldable OLED technology. When unfolded it looks like a monitor and when folded in half it looks like a book and is the size of a tablet with a screen ratio of 4:3. Expanding the screen size is even easier by simply swiping the screen to the right side until an additional screen appears on the right side of the cellphone. In the future, Samsung will release its newest camera technology, namely the Under Panel Camera (UPC), which is a camera sensor embedded in the screen. This technology will actually be installed on the new generation of Samsung laptops. However, recently rumors circulated that this technology would also be installed on the latest Samsung cellphones later, as reported by The Next Web.

Samsung also introduces a tri-fold phone

It's not enough to just show off the generation of cell phones that fold the letter 'S', Samsung also shows off a prototype cellphone screen that can be folded in three. The design was submitted by the manufacturer for a patent at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in China in November 2020. After waiting for a long time, the patent was finally released by WIPO on June 3, 2021. At first glance, the front of the cellphone looks the same as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 which was released last August 2020. The difference is, there is not only one hinge to fold it, but uses two hinges that function to unite the three parts of the screen.

With the patented design, the cellphone screen can be stretched horizontally and looks like a tablet. While the folding mechanism is not much different from what is on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. In addition, the prototype on display also has three cameras on the back with a vertical arrangement and one camera module on the screen hinge. In terms of external design, it has a thin bezel and a punch-hole in the upper right corner. The speaker module is on the right side of the screen and the USB Type-C port.

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