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Motorola Called to Prepare Folding Phone, Razr Third Generation

| 28.12.21 |


As if not wanting to miss the trend, smartphone manufacturer Motorola is reportedly preparing a foldable phone. According to Android Authority, a Weibo post by Chen Jin, General Manager of Lenovo's Mobile Business Group in China, hints that the company is developing a new and improved iteration of the Motorola Razr. This foldable phone is touted as a continuation of the third generation Motorola Razr. The smartphone manufacturer from the United States is no stranger to folding phones.

Motorola is one of the brands that since the era before smartphones have been producing folding phones. In 2005, Motorola introduced the first Razr cell phone. The rapid development of technology led Motorola to launch the second generation Razr in 2007. In 2019 and 2020 Motorola brought the Razr back to life, including a design update to a smartphone and deployment of 5G networks. 

Now, in the midst of competition for folding phones (flip and fold), Motorola is rumored to be updating the Razr. This seems to answer the fold phone competition between Samsung and Oppo. Last month, the Chinese manufacturer Oppo officially released its latest flagship which has the Oppo Find N folding design. This phone is also the first folding phone from Oppo. 

Like Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3, Oppo's phone also has two screens. A 5.49-inch screen on the outside and a 7.1-inch screen on the inside with an 8:4:9 ratio. 

The Oppo Find N is said to be smaller than the Samsung Fold, and the inside view of the Find N gives a landscape view, not portrait like the inside screen of a Samsung foldable phone. Until now, Motorola has not responded to rumors about the process of cultivating this folding smartphone.

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